Food Label Compliance
and Food Labelling Training
for New Zealand

Food Label Calculation

How it works

You email recipe and ingredient specifications to McFoodies along with detail about product classification (if known); proposed claims and cooking/storage instructions.

  1. McFoodies uses to calculate the compliance detail for your label and sends a report to you.
  2. You arrange for your label to be designed, using detail from the report supplied.

How much it costs

McFoodies charges at $120+GST per hour. Zubi costs $59+GST per product.

Label calculation projects usually take 1 – 2 hours so the cost is around $300+GST per product to provide detail to design a compliant label.

The process is quicker if all specifications are available.

Calculation of new variants for the same range is faster so likely about $120+GST per product.

Label Reviews

How it works

You email your current label to McFoodies, along with supporting documentation if appropriate.

  1. McFoodies does a review and sends a report detailing which parts of the label need to change.
  2. You arrange for your label to be adjusted, using feedback from the report.
  3. You email your updated label to McFoodies.
  4. McFoodies does another review and sends a report. Assuming everything is fixed on the label, the report will be CLEARED. If not the cycle repeats till the label is correct.

When requested by verifiers, retailers or regulators you use the cleared report to demonstrate the label is compliant with the ANZ Food Standards Code (or other applicable regulations).

How much it costs

McFoodies charges at $120+GST per hour.

The label review process (including clearing on the 2nd round) usually takes 1 – 1.5 hours so the cost is $120–$180+GST per product.

Review of variants for the same range costs about $60+GST per product.

Food Label Compliance Training

McFoodies also does training about Food Labelling compliance for New Zealand and Australia. Training can take place on your site or as part of a public course arranged in cooperation with Zubi Ltd or the Food Innovation Network.

Training can be customised to suit your business’ needs.

Onsite training contact time is charged at $120+GST per hour for up to 2 people or $50 per person. Preparation time is not charged.

Food Technology Consultants

McFoodies has been providing consultants/contractors to meet the food technology needs of our clients since January 2000.

All the McFoodies contractors are professional, tertiary qualified food technologists with years of food industry experience.

They can work either on-site or off-site, for 1 hour or 100 hours – it all depends on the type of work you need them to do.

Just give us a call and ask.

McFoodies contractors are charged at $120+GST per hour.


If you are looking to get your food labels reviewed or the NIPs calculated I highly recommend McFoodies. I emailed Cathy and she got back to me straight away. We had time constraints with MPI, she made it a priority and got it done super quick at a very reasonable price!

— Dene Flude, Pure Amino

Cathy not only gave us expert advice regarding food labelling but introduced us to Zubi, which has made our lives much easier when it comes to managing labelling information. To a novice back of pack labelling, including the technical nutritional information panel is overwhelming. How do you know you’ve got the information correct? Where do you need to add percentages in the ingredients list? And why are they there in the first place? The team at McFoodies and their clever user-friendly software solution Zubi came to our attention at exactly the right point in a very complex project.

— Sasha d’Entremont, Foodstuffs

We were put onto McFoodies over 12 months ago and we haven’t looked back. Prior to this, I felt like throwing my laptop out the window at least a hundred times. It was impossible to get on with the FSANZ website and I just couldn’t get my head around the jargon. Now its so easy, I just send all the data to Cathy McArdle, who puts it all into Zubi. A day or two later, all our labels are done. Everything is taken care of and with the “compliance combo,” it’s one fixed cost per product. Its really taken the pressure off of us. Recommend it, highly recommend it. It’s a gem!

— Rob Beard, Wild Game Salamis

Cathy is, and has been, our ‘food expert’. We hit it off straight away. She’s always been at the end of the phone or email to answer tricky questions and make sure we’re doing everything properly. When you’re new to the food biz (as we are), having a professional at hand, like Cathy is invaluable and she has provided us with such peace of mind. She’s been a sounding board and always has the best advice. We like people who call a spade a spade. Cathy doesn’t mess around. She’s upfront, efficient, smart and super professional. If you need to know anything about the inner workings of food, Cathy’s your gal!

— Sarah Frizzell, The Lucky Taco

The Lucky Taco Logo

We have enjoyed working with Cathy, she is super friendly and useful. The fact that she is always available to help with our issues is fantastic. She has always returned our work in a very timely manner and if there are delays she always advises. Would recommend her to anyone.

— Jaimee Smith, Acorn Group

Acorn Group Logo

As an artisan producer of award-winning fig products, we really appreciate the support and experience of McFoodies in assisting us to ensure that we meet all the regulatory and compliance requirements around new product development. McFoodies are so approachable and easy to work with – they are a real asset to our business.

— Helen Walker, Te Mata Figs

Te Mata Figs Logo

As a startup company we had a vision and Cathy McArdle of McFoodies assisted us with her expertise to achieve this. Her in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach has paved the way for our product. Her welcoming and solution-oriented attitude made things so much easier for us. We are obliged to her for providing solid industry references that have assisted in establishing our brand.

— Vibha Soni Spice n Easy NZ

Spice n Easy Logo

McFoodies has played a key role in the development of our company and all aspects related to food technology. Cathy McArdle has provided a high level of input into clearly defining and understanding our needs as a company. McFoodies has provided food technologists for short-term and long-term projects. Cathy has developed a wide network of key contacts within the food industry reaching from Government level through to key industry players. She is widely respected throughout the food industry in New Zealand.

— Tom Reynolds,  Dunninghams

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Cathy McArdle

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